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The “Tailored Suit” for your Rooms and Other Areas

We offer you individual design for living areas and project development of for new buildings, as well as layout conception of the exterior grounds.
We will work out specific room and presentation concepts that reflect your personal style or help you find it.
It may be your entire living unit, a section of it or even just one room.
This includes minor construction measures, such as the moving or adding of walls.
We like to see the projects through to completion, and advise you on the purchase of necessary materials and the interior. Or we go on the search for you!

On request, we make our designs based on the concepts of classical Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is a method by which the existing environment is analyzed from particular points and, based on these, optimal measures of form, shape and positioning are calculated.

The goal is, through this transformation, to strengthen positive influences and avert negative ones. Thus, a harmony of energy is produced in your environment and this becomes a source of vitality.
In optimally arranged rooms, which of course still remain functional, one feels well as soon as one enters them.

Here one should note that the most lasting effects can only be retained by means of a complete analysis, i.e. an analysis of the entire living area.
This is because the larger the dimensions incorporated, the more enduring the effect is.

Feng Shui Consultation Procedure

    * Initial contact - process and consultation costs are clarified
    * On-site analysis - Inspection of outdoor areas, data acquisition (desires, preferences, information)
    * Analysis - Preparation
    * Presentation of results - Results file with documentation and recommendations as a guide to implementation
    * Consultation - Presentation and discussion of Feng-Shui concepts
    * Possibly support in the implementation
    * Post-project discussion