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Business Feng-Shui

Is your company lacking that certain AIXTRA to succeed?

Are you running a business and asking yourself why, despite sophisticated strategy and a great product,
the success you aim for is not materializing?

Do you want a transformation or an environment that increases your efficiency and represents your products
as well as your company best?

We make your business successful!

Your employees and clients will be more satisfied!!

Through optimally equipped offices and an harmoniously designed workplace,
the well-being and efficiency of your employees will be increased significantly and thus
contribute to the success of your business.

Business Feng Shui is not just "a type of interior design"that leaves a good visual impression.
Rather, through Feng Shui, an intensive on-site analysis evaluates workflow efficiency and, where possible, creates an
ideal working environment for every employee.
It can be used to analyze the existing workplace, from the single office unit to the business area or even the factory,
as well as future business locations.
Of course we also like to optimize your new building projects and supervise the implementation measures
or check how well your corporate design suits your product as well as yourself.

What is the procedure?

    * First, a no-obligations discussion to clarify the possibilities on our part, and the requirements from your side
    * The situation in your view is explained and the required solution discussed
    * You get a free quote
    * 2. Date:
    * Inspection of the property and environment
    * Directions are determined
    * If possible, birth dates of staff are determined
    * Monitoring of work processes, activities, customer frequency, etc.
    * Possibly a further discussion on observed obstacles
    * I work out a design plan specific to your situation and your choice
    * Presentation of the solutions by means of plans, samples, sketches, colour collages, etc., ....
    * (Depending on the customer) supervision of the work to be carried out